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Training and Facilitation

I am committed to working in partnership with organisations to provide a consistently
high standard of flexible, customised professional development opportunities. With
over 25 years’ experience in the Automotive, Fitness & Beauty Industry I offer a full
range of programs. I assist businesses, leaders and staff to grow, stay engaged and
motivated, be challenged and continuously improve.

Customised to your needs
My point of difference is my ability to deliver in-house workshops that offer true
flexibility to customise to your needs. My expertise in research and program design
means that when you engage me, you have partnered with a professional who
understand adult learning principles, have access to a wealth of financial
management tools, and apply sound instructional design to workshops.

Innovative, theoretical and practical
My programs are innovative and designed to be both theoretical and practical. The
theoretic aspects of my workshops are presented in everyday language so as to be
easily understood and applied. Likewise, the practical tools, strategies and skills are
designed to be easily implemented immediately. My workshops provide great value to
all business owners and employees regardless of role, position or work area.

My Promise

My promise is to abide by my values of being personalised,
flexible, creative and reliable when delivering your learning

Extremely helpful: this was probably the most useful course I’ve done as a business owner

Marty Kemp

“Fantastic workshop and will take a lot from today and implement tomorrow”

Frankie Camp

“Brilliant! Will recommend to others”

Simon Cade

“Very experienced & aware of the industry”

Jenny McDonaldMornington Automotive Specialist

“It was very good, a must for all workshops”

Don McDonaldMornington Automotive Specialist

“Very good one of the best workshops I have been to”

Neil Mosey

“Excellent presenter with exceptional knowledge of the automotive industry”

Destry RuleBosch Australia

“Extremely useful – lots to work on from here”

Jess Burns

“Great communicator, very friendly and good insight into the industry”

Harry Genovezos

“The finance workshop was brilliant I want to do it again”

Tony Kernich

“A great business coach can help you see things that aren’t immediately obvious to the
business owner until they are pointed out! Andrea Moody does just that! Highly
recommended to get your business going in the right direction”

Primal Footprint

“Andrea has helped us at Northcote Automotive completely overhaul our business, and it’s
been very helpful and enlightening! A big thumbs up from all of us here”

Dean MarshallNorthcote Automotive


You love what you do but you can’t squeeze more hours out from the day. What you need is the
right attitude, plan and structure to hit the next level.

The Secret to Expanding Your Key Profit Drivers

Workshop Duration: 1 x 2hrs

Key Learnings:
• Learn how to set profit goals
• Learn the difference between financial and non-financial drivers
• Learn strategies to increase sales revenue
• Learn strategies to decrease costs
• Learn how your profit drivers work together to impact your business success

Building a Sellable Business

The Eight Key Drivers of Value

Duration: 1 x 3hrs
Key Learnings

  • Learn how to maximise the eight key drivers of value in your business
  • Learn the importance of succession planning
  • Learn how to treat your business as an investment and not just a job
  • Learn how to prepare your business for sale

Workshop: Risk Management & Compliance For Small Business

Duration: 1 x 3hrs
Key Learnings

  • Learn how to identify risks and how to respond to them
  • Learn how to implement processes to minimise and negate risks
  • Learn the importance of legal/business compliance
  • Learn the consequences of legal/business non-compliance

Financial Management for Small Business

Duration: 4 x 2hrs
Key Learnings

  • Learn the importance of budgeting
  • Learn how to create a budget
  • Learn the difference between break-even point, gross profit margin and markup
  • Learn how to create, compile and read a profit-loss statement
  • Learn how to manipulate your revenue, costs of sales and overhead to achieve the desired profit
  • Learn how to increase revenue & reduce costs
  • Learn how to manage your supply chain
  • Learn the importance of cash flow
  • Learn the difference between solvency and liquidity
  • Learn the importance of Key Performance Indicators
  • Learn how to create, implement & measure Key Performance Indicators
  • Learn the importance and consequences of legal/business compliance


For a full list of workshop programs, contact Andrea on:
0411 048 026

Training and Facilitation

I use an interactive style encouraging group contribution and discussion to place
the learner at the centre of the learning experience and maximise engagement.
Participants experience a variety of individual, pair and small group activities.
Where appropriate, role-play and ‘practise’ are used to gain safe and valuable
experience with practical techniques before trying them in the ‘real world’. DVDs,
PowerPoint and YouTube clips add further interest and variety to the workshops.

My facilitation is well paced, with strong sense of timing and an ability to read the
group energy and move the group forward. I use stories, give case study examples
and demonstrate techniques.

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