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Why Curiosity Is Good For Business

Being successful at business requires many things: courage, creativity, people skills, and so forth.  However, there is one character trait whose importance is sometimes neglected: curiosity. Curiosity helps you in: Building customer relationships.  People are drawn to those who show interest in them.  Having an abiding fascination in others give you the opportunity to learn […]

Why you should hire a business coach

Why you need to hire a business coach There comes a point in business where stagnation sets in. You can take your business only so far without the help of others. Have you considered hiring a coach? The reality is, the majority of successful business owners have coaches, mentors and role models along the way.  Nobody […]


The Lifeblood of your business Understanding cash flow is the key to business success. Cash is the lifeblood of a business and a business needs to generate enough cash from its activities so that it can meet its expenses and have enough left over to repay investors and grow the business. While a company can […]

Building a sellable business

Why Many Business Owners Can’t Sell When They Want To Whether you’re a business owner close to retirement, busy growing your business or a young entrepreneur just starting, one day you will exit your business. But will you achieve a good return for your investment? It’s a sobering statistic, but only 1 out of 6 […]